My experience when sitting for the mid-sem test

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For me,sat for this test was the same like past sem. I'm still nervous like before. I'm speaking such nonsense things when speaking test. I think I spoke something that was out of topic.
For the listening test, I think I done quiet good. But, there a lot of word that I cannot understand what the speaker said. And there also some word that I did not know the meaning.

The worst part of this test for me is THE GRAMMAR part. I think grammar will always be a problem to me to learn English. For this test I thing I done it worst than before.

My dream man

By laili
I thing there no one will read this. But still need to post it. So, there are some of my dream man characteristic:-
1. A pious man (obedience to Allah s.w. t and Muhammad s.a.w)
2. Have a steady financial
3. Have a familiar face with someone how close with me
4. Can act as a gentleman to me
5. Cannot be younger than me.
6. I must know his background.

I hope my demand is not to high. As long as he can love his family, my family, himself and me. For now I think I' m not good for any one yet. So, this list actually can not be valid to any one. Thanks.

The best things ever happeened to my life

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I think the best thing happen to me is I'm still alive till today. I must thanks to Allah to give me the opportunity to walk on this land. I can still breath to His air and carry on my duty to Him.
Second thing is I can be in my family. My mother is a very caring person. She loves my family and me very much. My father is a responsible person. The last member are my siblings. My sister and my brother both love me so much. I'm really sure that.
The last things is I can study in Uitm. After I got my SPM result, all the teacher said that I can go to anywhere with my low result. I feel really glad and thanks to Allah because He still give me the opportunity to have all this.


By laili
What I would like to change about myself.............
First of all I would like to change about attitude. I think I am selfish person. A lot of person felt bad on me. I already tried to change about it, but I think it still not enough. I think I am too shy to speak at the public. I’m will shaking if talk in the public. So, I need to increase my self-confidence. Other than that is the way I’m talking. It is too harsh for certain people. But if they know me better they will felt it is alright. Then, I would like to change about my physical. I need to reduce my weight. One more things are I love to postpone my work. I hope I can always finish my work earlier than the due time. So, I need to exercise a lot more. I think that’s all I need to change myself for now.............

How I spent my mid-term holiday?

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This holiday is not too long. So, I just spent a lot of my time at home. Most of the time I'm with my mother. I talked a lot with her. Most of it is about me. But, sometime we talked about thinks happen around us. I also help her to do house chores.

Besides that, I also went to the mall with my family. I did not bought a lot of things. I just bought something for myself. My other family member did not buy anything because we were actually just window shopping.

I also met my old friends from my old school. She now at the Mariculation College at Pahang. We did not met for about 4 months. We talked about everythings happen around us. About our studies, our life, our new friends and how we are going to future our study.

So, I think all of the reader will think the way of I spent my holiday is boring.

My experience being a UiTMT student for one semester

By laili
I think I have change a lot. Before this I to afraid to far from home, but now I can. I just need to call my mom about once a day.
One more is I think that I have study a lot more than school. I also watch television less than home. I do not have to study and eat in front of tv any more.
At my previous school some people I the person that hard to smile but I think now I smile a lot. I always smile every time there someone pass me.
But there something that I can not approved are I too shy to seat at in front of the class and easily get mad.